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Aisle Say Twin Cities is the Minneapolis/St. Paul branch of Aisle Say Magazine, which hosts theater reviews across the country. Currently, our reviewers are:

Liz Byrolizbyronn lives in Minneapolis and teaches French at the University of Minnesota. She has been a big fan of theatre ever since childhood, when her mother convinced her that a stage production of Cinderella would be better than the movie because it had “a real-live princess”.

MMichaelichael J. Opperman is a writer, educator and digitalist (at Clockwork Active Media) living and working in Minneapolis. Founder of dislocate (the University of Minnesota journal of writing and art) and Indigo Spaces (an online writing workshop for adults in recovery), his work has appeared in publications including the Twin Cities Daily Planet, Coe Review, New Hampshire

Christine Sarkes, blog administrator, is a business writer and lifetime 11947637_10153264112586871_4252098448900927109_ntheater lover living in St. Paul. She would bring her rescue Maltese Tiny to shows if they would let her.

Erika Sasseville is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota – Duluth theater department. At UMD she led the Stage 2 Theatre Company as well as the improv comedy troupe, Improvaholics Anonymous. Erika has always loved live theater and is excited to join the Aisle Say Twin Cities team.

Other reviewers and guest reviewers are: Lissi Corbett, Paul Dunning, Ellen Ferry, Jacob Froelich, Tamar Neumann, Anne Skonieczny and Paige Wiggins. Founded by Anna Rosensweig and Sophie Kerman. Special tribute to Mira Reinberg.

Contact us! To get in touch, send an email to christine@aislesaytwincities.com or fill out this nifty form:


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