by Christine Sarkes Mill City Opera at the renovated Mill City Museum Ruin Courtyard is a breathtaking and unique summer treat. The stage is set amidst the outdoor ruins of the old factory and the nearby river sounds and evening light cast a magical spell over the production. George Bizet’s Carmen, now playing seven shows through July 24, is sexy and dramatic, making it an…

An Enemy of the People

Geologist Tom Stockmann (Billy Carter) discovers that the hot springs destined to get the town back on its feet are poisoned. Tom struggles against what he knows to be right, and what the rest of his friends and family think best.

Something Rotten!

Whether you have read all of Shakespeare’s plays or none of them. Whether you have been a lifelong lover of musical theater, or have never heard a show tune in your life. Something Rotten! is a hilarious and brilliant show for all.

Portrait of Myself as My Father

Staging portrait of myself as my father at the Uppercut Boxing Gym is the first indication that the performance will be unconventional. The gym lives in a renovated warehouse in the Northeast area of Minneapolis and carries the faint smells of oil, sawdust and sweat. The boxing ring was blocked from view on entry, the audience…


By ELLEN FERRY Wayward Theatre is “dedicated to producing challenging work in equally challenging spaces.” The team certainly had their hands full for their recent production of William Shakespeare‘s Hamlet, performed at the James J. Hill House. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Orchard Theatre Collective’s production of A Doll’s House, which was also performed…