The Pillowman

I encourage anyone who enjoys a bit of dark, Irish comedy to see The Pillowman by Theatre Coup d’Etat, the performances alone are enough to keep you at the edge of your seats. 

Dear Evan Hansen

Storytellers from John Hughes to John Green have shown the world what it’s like for a teen to be on the outside looking in; Dear Evan Hansen goes a step further and provides deep emotional insight into the parent-child relationship. Playing now through June 9th at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis.

Dirty Business: The Spy Musical

by CHRISTINE SARKES “Dirty Business: The Spy Musical” at the History Theatre is an entertaining and enjoyable take on the world of females spies during World War II. The packed Sunday matinee performance attests to public fascination with the topic, which coincides with several new books, a television series and a possible movie focusing on…


by JACOB FROELICH I was somewhat unsure of what to expect when setting out to see Metamorphoses, I myself am no master of mythological characters, gods or parables. I couldn’t honestly differentiate between an ancient Roman or Greek myth, and yet this production speaks deep to the human condition. No pre-requisites needed, no crash course in…