The Pillowman

I encourage anyone who enjoys a bit of dark, Irish comedy to see The Pillowman by Theatre Coup d’Etat, the performances alone are enough to keep you at the edge of your seats. 



by JACOB FROELICH I was somewhat unsure of what to expect when setting out to see Metamorphoses, I myself am no master of mythological characters, gods or parables. I couldn’t honestly differentiate between an ancient Roman or Greek myth, and yet this production speaks deep to the human condition. No pre-requisites needed, no crash course in…

The Scarlet Letter

(lumin) theater lab created an exceptional collaborative show that doesn’t shy away from the story’s darker themes. This adaptation, written by Kelli Tatum, was originally produced in 1995. This production is directed by Libby Wasylik and produced by (lumin) theater lab in Hastings, MN.


by CHRISTINE SARKES Understood, presented by Trademark Theater, is a superbly acted exploration of young marriage, political tribalism and what it means to truly comprehend a different point of view. This two-person play written by Tyler Mills and directed by Tyler Michaels aims to tap into the deep political divisions among friends and family under…

Little Women

by Christine Sarkes Little Women at the Jungle Theater is a delightfully reverent new adaptation of the beloved Louisa May Alcott classic novel and perfect for a family night out at the theater. The casting is pitch-perfect, particularly C. Michael Menge (Jo March) and Megan Burns (Amy March) who infuse their characters with energy and passion. A special…